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Winter Woods or EL-01 was created by an alchemist who was yearning for a son. 

Many years later, when he was discovered by some military soldiers who were raiding empty houses, he was taken to a lab and inhumane experiments were performed on him. Because his heart didn't beat, he was like a puppet; empty and emotionless. One of the doctors that looked after him released him and gave him an address along with the name 'Jane Reina'.

He was dropped off on the side of the road across from Jane's house when a girl that is singing loudly suddenly walked down the street, glowing with sparks flying around her. Winter followed the girl into the apartment complex and said that 'Hubert' gave him a name.

'Its so colourful' Winter Woods, child like

Winter when he was drawing on the wall with Jane's make-up

Now Winter is living with Jane in exchange that he will tell her his story. Jane looks after him, teaching him things and showing him what it is like to care for something.

Winter is smart but still has lots to learn, for he knows nearly nothing of the outside world. He acts childishly repeatedly and does silly things out of curiosity.

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Winter Woods

Winter Woods

Winter has blue eyes and black hair. He has pale skin and no eyebrows, dark bags under his eyes and grey lips. The longer he stays with Jane the brighter his skin becomes and his lips start to become pink, the bags under his eyes disappearing as well.

Stitches, winter woods

Winter's stitches

He has stitches all over his body where his body parts have been stitched together, but after he pushes Jane's seed where his heart would be, the longer it's there, the stitches become scars, sealing up. Also, the dark circles under his eyes begin to fade. It is unknown as to how the seed helped Winter but a common theory is that it gave him a feeling of purpose, that purpose being to love Jane.