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A mysterious man with a rather gruesome line of work, Zoe Lev is tied to Winter’s origins in an unimaginable way. His past and his suspicious motivations are very unclear initially. As the story unfolds, his troubled past becomes clearer, even as he attempts to change from his ways of death and destruction.

He cares for Adora deeply (even though he is often outwardly cruel to her) and tries to change himself at her wish.

Zoe Lev

He is very interested in Winter and demonstrates a curious jealousy for Winter’s ability to become human and learn to love. Zoe lacks the same empathy and heart that Winter is slowly starting to gain.

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Zoe was the first experiment the alchemist made however, he was declared a failed experiment due to Roys jealousy. He was also betrayed and abandoned by Roy. This left a deep scar and thirst for revenge.

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He seems to be heartless and cold in the beginning, but you can often see a gentle side to him when he’s around Adora. Even though he might have been a “failure” as one might put it, he seems to gain emotions towards the end of the novel. He is also a very rational person, different from his younger brother Winter who is very emotional and is jealous of this. He is also very calculated and structured with a good intuition for human nature. Which in effect, he uses this skill to predict what will happen and how things will end. Always thinking that he would never change, but since meeting Adora he had begun to grow even more as an individual and developed a better sense of his own emotions and that even though he isn't as emotional as Winter he still has emotions.

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Zoe has choppy brown hair and light blue eyes, pale skin, thick eyebrows, and dimples. He is also a handsome, according to Adora, and tall slender man. He is first seen with a wide brim, black hat, and dressed from head to toe in dark colors, hiding behind a tree. He normally has a sinister smile on his face, because he doesn't need to hide it as Zoe.

Claude Lev Edit

When he uses the name 'Claude', he puts on round, thin framed glasses and a blonde wig that goes down to his jaw bone, and a trench coat. He also acts more friendly, light-hearted, and colourful, but is quick to abandon any deep responsibility.
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Claude Lev